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Foundational Rastafari elder Bongo Isaac in combination with music producer Kris Naphtali bring to you this brand new single release out on the Positivevibes Label.

This single is to help raise financial aid for a upcoming project (More info below) .
It will be released on digital format first and then on 45" vinyl in Mid February. Early digital releases profits will help pay for production and shipping costs for the vinyl release. So if you plan on buying this on hard copy please support the digital release so this album will be readily available in your Country.

This release features the voice of Bongo Isaac chanting meditational word sound over Kris Naphtali's dub riddim titled Declaration of Iration.

The message in his words are just that... A "Declaration" for all creation to hear.
Iration Steppas

The tune was originally built as a Dubplate for Mark Iration of The Iration Steppas Soundsystem from Leeds UK.
Support Rastafari Elders
This release is part of a bigger project coming late 2012 / Early 2013 titled Voice of The Ancients. The album will feature many vocal reasonings by many noted foundational Rastafari elders. The vocal tracks will tell the testimony of each elder's experience. Most of these reasonings will focus on a very serious historic chapter in the Rastafari Movement that took place in April ,1963 known as the Coral Gardens incident or better know by most rastafarians as "Black Friday".

Kris will be working along side The Word Sound Power Collective, a organization that helps Rastafari elders in need of financial aid. For each album sold a fixed amount of the profits will be donated to the W.S.P.C.

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All vocals have been provided by Rastafari elder Ras Flako.
I would like to send a warm heartfelt thank you to Flako.. This project would not be possible without your support and guidance.

Bunnington Judah
The album Voice of The Ancients will feature live instrumentation from Kris Naphtali, Focusing on the quality and feel of the recording. Some tracks will feature live drums and percussion from well known producer Bunnington Judah from England.

Voice of The Ancients will be Kris Naphtali's first solo full length album on his own Label featuring hard hitting roots Reggae.

Give thanks to Mike from Atlanta for his financial and moral support and guidance on these upcoming projects.